Cinderella dreams wall quote

Cinderella dreams wall quote

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If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.-- Cinderella

A lovely decorating wall quote for a child's bedroom or play room.

This wall quote is available in our full range of fonts and colours. Use the picklist above to select from the available decal option. For more information on these visit the colours and font page.

Shown in the sample in Apple Chancery in black.

The size is available based on the height of the upper case letters.
At 7cm high upper case the APPROX lengths of each line are 80cm, 85cm and 50cm.
At 10cm high upper case the APPROX widths of each line are 110cm, 115cm, 65cm.

The name Cinderella is always smaller than the rest in a arial font at 30cm wide.

The final widths do change though based on the font selected for ordering. If you are going to stagger the three lines then make sure you account for that extra 20-30cm for staggering the lines across wall.

Cool Art Vinyl wall decals are made of removable self adhesive vinyl and come with instructions for self application. The vinyl is ultra thin so it looks hand painted when applied. It can be removed with heat but the lettering cannot be reused. The only thing on the wall is each letter. The wall behind showing through. Lettering comes on a pre spaced application tape for easy installation.

Lettering is best suited to plasterboard walls.

Read below for specific detail on some of the different vinyl materials we use to make our products.

VINYL: We use a high quality vinyl to make our wall art graphics and wall quotes. This product has properties that means it can conform to many different surfaces such as plasterboard, painted wood, some rendered surfaces as well. It is generally removable but can’t be reused. Mostly it will arrive with a transfer tape on the front to help transfer the design from the backing paper to the wall surface. The only thing remaining on the wall after installation is the vinyl lettering or art.

WINDOW FROSTING: Our window frosting products are made from an easy apply window film that means if you need to reposition the design initially you can lift and then reposition. Once installed the adhesive will strengthen and it will appear exactly like etched glass.

CHALKBOARD VINYL: After testing every product on the market we have found the best chalkboard ever! The chalkboard vinyl sticks to flat surfaces and is awesome for creating some fun message boards.

Our removable wallpapers, our wall murals and our surface skins such as door skins are made of a high tech vinyl which can be lifted off the surface and re-positioned on another surface over and over again. It has a high quality woven texture to the surface, and the vinyl can be peeled off the backing paper and with no effort can be installed on a wall or door surface. You can move an entire wall graphic from one location to another.

Depending on where you are located we use a mix of local and national courier companies, and when desperate (yes – desperate) we will use Australia Post.  Our  goal to is to use the most reliable and cost effective option for getting your package to you.  This will vary by city and state, but all will include tracking of some sort.

AUSTRALIA (See bottom of page for international)

Regular Mail: This is a standard service. Depending on your location, this may be via courier.  Keep an eye out for cards regarding collection, or leave a note during checkout that the parcel can be left.


Tracking Mail: This service requires a signature for collection.

Express Mail: Express Post is not next day.  We are located in Sydney and Express can be up to 5 days if it is Perth. Please note that our products are custom made and your order will still spend time in production and we cannot express this production time, we can only express the shipping. See the production times page for our current schedule.

Goods delivered by registered mail and by express mail are the best option. We highly recommend this for orders over $100.

We offer three types of international delivery.
Regular mail is sent via Australia Post and it has no tracking or speed. 8 to 10 days delivery where you are located.

Our international registered mail option means we can provide some basic tracking and delivery information and the product is signed for.

The express international mail is an express option which is approx 3-7 days in transit once the product leaves Sydney.

NOTE: Our production time is not changed if you order express. Only the shipping has the express option applied to it.

Cool Art Vinyl wall lettering and most of the graphic products are produced from a special ultra thin vinyl with a matt or semi-sheen finish. This vinyl appears as though it is hand painted after being applied to your surface or wall.

We have chosen our best selling colours as options for your vinyl designs. For any other colour choices feel free to contact us and ask for a swatch test.

A fantastic colour for fitting into a wide variety of decors. It also combines very well with wall decal mixes (where two colours are used). The colour is similar to a warm beige grey.
A solid black colour that is rich and striking. Looks especially stunning in the matt finish.
colour-redBright red:
Similar to a fire engine red, this colour is bright and playful. We love using this colour for feature wall decals and for decorating kids rooms.
colour-royal-blueRoyal Blue:
Works really well for names and short sharp words.
This is great for using on coloured walls. Use it on cream walls for a subtle effect, or use it on dark coloured walls for a striking decal effect.
colour-sky-blueSky Blue:
Darker than a Tiffany Blue, this is similar to the ANZ Bank blue.
colour-chockbrownDark brown:
This is a dark cocoa brown. It leans towards the cocoa brown rather than a warm reddish brown.
colour-cream-beigeCream Beige:
A good alternative to the Buckskin if your walls are more of an off white colour. Looks fantastic on steel, windows and mirrors for a subtle effect.
colour-grey-blueGrey Blue:
Dusty pale blue, subtle and gentle.
Our pink is close to a candy pink colour that looks great with the coffee brown, or Buckskin.
colour-apple-greenApple Green:
Like a granny smith apple, or a bright summer green. This is not a pale green.
Standard orange colour, not burnt orange, this is a bright orange.
Rich purple colour. Looks great teamed up with silver or yellow.
colour-silverSilver Metallic:
This silver is a light silver colour, not a dark silver. It has a very flat finish like a metal, not sparkly like glitter.
colour-goldGold Metallic:
This gold is a medium gold colour. It has a very flat finish like a metal, not sparkly like glitter.
colour-tealTeal (Dark Aqua):
A rich and enticing dark aqua colour that fits beautifully with modern decorating combinations.
A warm red colour that is a great alternative to brown or black. Very rich and great for many decors.
colour-dark-greyDark Grey:
An ash grey colour which is lighter than charcoal but still considered a dark grey.
We have gone for a rich sunny yolk yellow. It is not a baby yellow. Looks great for kids rooms with royal blue, teal or purple.
colour-lime-greenLemon/Lime Green:
A funky lemon/lime colour great for teaming up with any of the other colours.
* We actually use two different for the fuschia pink. For larger single piece decals we tend to use a thicker vinyl and the pink is slightly more candy pink.


If you are purchasing wall stickers from our catalogue, the size of the overall design is provided in the description of the product. We custom make all of our products at the time you order- therefore if you would like us to adjust the sizing for you we can do that.


For quotes, words and custom sentences we measure the size on the height of the tallest letter in the font.

Tall letters normally include = capitals and bdfhklt.
The height is measured from the TALLEST of these letters. For example, some fonts have varied sizes between a capital and an upper case letter.

For example:



If you are wanting to fit a particular space please consider that any “tails” such as pqyg will add additional overall size to the height.

We can’t provide letters at an EXACT size. The way the machines cut the fonts, it will cut the letters at or very close to the size. For example, a 7cm letter, might be cut at 7.2cm in height. And this is further varied depending on the font. Some fonts have completely different sized letters, so the machine will average the 7cm (or size ordered) across those letters.


Cut vinyl lettering is very delicate, and for the lettering to stick to the surface, there needs to be sufficient contact between the vinyl and surface. Very small and delicate lettering is firstly very difficult to install, and secondly, may not last a long time because there is not enough surface area sticking the letter to the wall.

Based on our experience in the interior graphics industry, we believe the 7cm tall letter size, is a good size for our customers to self install. Remember that if the tall letters are 7cm, the smaller letters such as “aecio” etc will be around 4-5cm depending on the font and sometimes even 2-3cm.

How will I know the width of my CREATE YOUR OWN design?

Every font has a different width because some are very narrow and condensed and others are very wide and spreadout. So what we recommend is that you consider the following.

Count the number of characters including spaces in your required text. For example: “ Tonight we live” has 15 characters including spaces. If you have chosen 7cm high letters (which will be the tall letters) then on average the width of the letters are going to be 1/2 of that. So if you choose 7cm high- consider the width of each character to be approx 3.5cm. Times the number of characters (in this examples 15) x the width 3.5cm and you get 52.5cm. Now remember there are gaps between each character. If each gap is even 1/2cm and there are 15 gaps you can add another 7cm to the width. So as an estimate for this phrase above the width will be around 60cm.

Same phrase with 20cm high letters selected. 15 characters x 10cm wide each (20cm divided by half) = 150cm wide for the characters only. Add in maybe 15cm of gaps between and your width will be 175cm wide approx.

Fonts, fonts, fonts, we love our fonts!!!

There are literally 1000’s of fonts available throughout the world today. With so much choice, sometimes there is too much choice.   We offer customers our best selling wall quote fonts. If you are creating your own quote in our CREATE YOUR OWN section, you will be presented with the following fonts…..

If you have a corporate font for your company, a family font or another special font, we can easily produce custom wall decals for you. Simply email the font to us, and we can then produce your custom quote.

Apple Chancery:

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