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Collecting Elvis Vinyl Records

The so-called baby boomers (people who were born in 1950s) can never forget Elvis Aaron Presley. He was born January 8, 1935 and, due to drug abuse as rumors said, he died August 16, 1977 at the age of 42. He was considered the most popular singer and most important figure in America during the 20th century. He was the leading person who popularized the sound of rock and roll, that’s why he was called The King of Rock and Roll. During his early career, he was called Hillbilly Cat and the King of the Western Bop, and then nicknamed Elvis the Presley, because of his suggestive performance in the stage.

Elvis had versatile voice, and his solo album was the best selling in the history of popular music. His first concert was the Aloha from Hawaii, and it was broadcasted globally via satellite and about 1.5 billion viewers were recorded. His concerts were almost always successful. Elvis won three Grammy awards, and at the age of 36 he received the Grammy Achievement Award.

Elvis Presley is not just called The King for nothing, he stimulated social change for young people through his popular music.  Some ask this question in musical history, “Who was the most important figure in musical history Elvis or The Beatles”?  Without Elvis, the rock and roll could have not been existed. The Beatles was the group who rivaled Elvis, but for everybody’s information, the group was very much a fan of the king. To note the first songs of The Beatles are Rock and Roll which inspired by Elvis Presley.

Elvis’ recordings are original and really the collecting pieces of history and since Elvis was so popular, his vinyl record albums are now known as the most expensive vinyl collection. He was able to make more or less 70 popular and sellable albums in which most collectors are dying to collect. When we talk about the Elvis’s original album, it is worth a fortune.

Since the collection of Elvis albums are quite costly, many took advantage of the prices and there are those who made fake albums of The King’s songs. The most expensive vinyl record of Elvis in the market today is the album Can’t Stop Loving You, its worth is about 8,000.00 USD. Acquiring these for your collection will be very expensive so it would be more advisable to seek help from the experts. They know which is real and which is not because have their ways to discover it. There are people who had the original copies bought during their younger days, some of the copies are still incredible but some are not well handled so these vinyl records can’t be played anymore due scratches. These people sometimes because of financial hardship will have garage sale to dispose these records.

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